Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14310

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Comment Number: AGW-14310

From: karen riener
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 2:41 AM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: healthy agriculture

Dear Policy Makers,

    I am a farmer in Eastern Oregon, and am also looking into bringing open pollinated, cold hardy, and drought tolerant, field corn seed to New Zealand where it could be a useful crop in their cool, South Island climate.

    I am finding that keeping open pollinated corn free from genetically modified corn is a very serious problem. It would appear that Monsanto, and it's genetic manipulation of field corn has rendered the corn industry nearly destroyed by spreading its genetically modified corn all round the states, infecting any other corn with its unnatural genes.

     New Zealand will not allow any genetically modified corn into their country. And to prove it is free from genetic modification is time consuming and costly. This pervasive infection of genetically modified corn is stopping all corn farmers from having the choice to be able to grow open pollinated corn that is free from genetic modification.

     Monsanto, and all other genetic modification companies should not be allowed to infect the natural product. Monsanto and the like should be the ones inhibited from producing their own genetic versions of food plants, that is now being forced on consumers and the world.

     Reports have already come out correlating the genetically modified food plants to allergies and other health problems. No companies should be allowed to create plants that destroy the natural product through genetic infection, force the new food plant on the consumer to be the only choice available, and have this choice be unhealthy to the consumer and plant life.

     The time is over due to halt the control of profit driven industries, that have no understanding (or don't care) of the irrevocable damage being done through genetic modification.

      Thank you for taking comments on this very serious situation.

Karen Riener

P.O. Box 333
Richland, Oregon 97870

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