Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14468

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Comment Number: AGW-14468

From: Melinda Hemmelgarn
Sent: Thursday, December 31, 2009 4:40 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Concern over genetically modified seed concentration

Dear Department of Justice,

As a registered dietitian and consumer, I am terrified by what I see as a loss of choice in the food marketplace because of the concentration in the seed industry.

As a nutrition scientist,  I am concerned about the safety of genetically modified crops, as they have never been fully tested for long term health consequences or unintended consequences. For example, the genetically modified seeds designed to withstand application of the herbicide, glyphosate, have contributed to an increased use of this compound.  I have concerns about the long term consequences of exposure to this compound on both plant, soil, water, wildlife and human health, based on the research of my colleagues at the University of Missouri, the Organic Center and elsewhere.

The monopoly of seeds limits my choice in the marketplace to purchase meat from animals raised on non-GMO feed. The monopoly of seeds also limits biodiversity in the food supply, a key to sustainability and survival. And, the monopoly of seeds limits farmers' freedom to raise organic food for my table.

Those who stand to profit from these seeds and chemicals will deny health and environmental risk. But as a health care provider I am concerned with the increases in childhood allergies, autism, obesity, diabetes, and ADHD that cannot be explained by improved diagnosis alone. Something has changed in our environment.  Interestingly, according to the Organic Center and based on USDA data, since the introduction of GMO seeds and plants, we have seen an increase in pesticide use, with unknown consequences.

Please don't allow companies like Monsanto to control our seeds.

Henry Kissinger recognized that if you control the food, you control the people.  I believe we are living this nightmare.

I want the freedom to choose non genetically modified foods in the marketplace.

I also believe it is unethical to patent seeds and therefore life.

Please help.

I am more than happy to provide  additional information from a dietitian's perspective if you wish.

Thank you for looking into this. I believe this case is the most important issue facing America today. We all eat.


Melinda Hemmelgarn

Melinda Hemmelgarn, M.S., R.D.
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