Agriculture Workshop Comment Number: AGW-14906

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Comment Number: AGW-14906

From: Mary Ann Sornito
Sent: Tuesday, January 5, 2010 9:36 PM
To: ATR-Agricultural Workshops
Subject: Comments

I am writing because I am concerned about the lack of competition in agricultural markets. The public are consuming foods and unaware that there are chemicals in it that are genetically modified. We deserve to make informed decisions about what we put into our bodies by having decent labels stating if there are genetically modified products in it.

It is difficult to hear how farmers are struggling but yet large food companies are making record profits. Seeing all the abundance of produce at the grocery store and knowing that farmers receive a miniscule portion of those profits is unfair.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

Sincerely, Mary Ann Sornito

Mary Ann Sornito

,  60613

Updated April 7, 2016

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