Antitrust Case Filings

Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
Boland v. CMLS March 24, 2011 Other Fourth Circuit None
E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. v. Kolon Indus., Inc. February 5, 2010 Other Fourth Circuit None
Gosselin World Wide Moving, N.V. and The Pasha Group v. United States October 1, 2004 Other Fourth Circuit None
MCIMetro Access Transmission Services of Virginia, Inc., d/b/a Verizon Access Transmission Services of Virginia v. Mark C. Christie, et al. January 3, 2008 Other Fourth Circuit None
U.S. v. Mountain Health Care, P.A. December 13, 2002 Other Fourth Circuit General Medical & Surgical Hospitals, General Medical and Surgical Hospitals
U.S. v. Paul M. Wilkinson January 16, 2009 Other Fourth Circuit None
United States v. Gosselin World Wide Moving N.V., and The Pasha Group February 18, 2004 Other Fourth Circuit Freight Transportation Arrangement

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