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Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
U.S. v. Primitivo Duque Carlos October 24, 2000 Criminal Guam, District of Heavy Construction, NEC
Carpet Group International, et al. v. Oriental Rug Importers Association, Inc., et al. February 29, 2000 Other Third Circuit None
U.S. v. Clear Channel Communications and AMFM August 29, 2000 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Radio Broadcasting, Radio Stations
Covad Communications Company v. Bell Atlantic Corporation, et al. September 25, 2000 Other District of Columbia Circuit
CSU, LLC v. Xerox Corp. October 11, 2000 Other Supreme Court
U.S. v. Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd. July 25, 2000 Criminal California, Northern District Industrial Organic Chemicals, NEC
U.S. v. Dairy Farmers of America, Inc., et al. March 31, 2000 Civil Merger Pennsylvania, Eastern District Creamery Butter, Creamery Butter Manufacturing
U.S. v. Dead Sea Bromine Co., Ltd. July 27, 2000 Criminal Texas, Northern District Chemical Preparations, NEC
U.S. v. Degussa-Hüls AG May 5, 2000 Criminal Texas, Northern District Medicinals and Botanicals
U.S. v. John DiCarlo, et al. May 31, 2000 Criminal New York, Southern District Groceries, General Line


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