Antitrust Case Filings

Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
U.S. v. Aetna and The Prudential Insurance Company June 21, 1999 Civil Merger Texas, Northern District Accident & Health Insurance, Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers, Hospital & Medical Service Plans
U.S. and State of New York v. American Radio Systems Corp., et al. October 24, 1996 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Radio Broadcasting, Radio Networks
U.S. v. AT&T Corp. and MediaOne Group, Inc.. May 25, 2000 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Motion Picture Production for TV, Radiotelephone Communications, Telephone Communications, Telephone Communications, Exc. Radio, Wired Telecommunications Carriers
U.S. v. Bell Atlantic Corp.,et al. May 7, 1999 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Cable and Other Pay TV Services, Cellular and Other Wireless Telecommunications, Radiotelephone Communications, Telephone Communications, Exc. Radio
U.S. and State of Montana v. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Inc., et al. November 8, 2011 Civil Merger Montana, District of Direct Health and Medical Insurance Carriers, Third Party Administration of Insurance and Pension Funds
U.S. v. Citicorp, et al. July 27, 1998 Civil Merger Delaware, District of Computer Integrated Systems Design, Computer Programming and Software, Data Processing Services, Information Retrieval Services
U.S. v. Daily Gazette Co., and MediaNews Group, Inc. May 22, 2007 Civil Merger West Virginia, Southern District Newspaper Publishers
U.S. v. Gannett Co., Inc., et al. December 16, 2013 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Television Broadcasting
U.S. v. Mercy Health Services and Finley Tri-States Health Group, Inc. June 10, 1994 Civil Merger Iowa, Northern District General Medical & Surgical Hospitals
U.S. v. NAT, L.C. and D.R. Partners d/b/a Donrey Media Group March 28, 1995 Civil Merger Arkansas, Western District Newspapers


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