Antitrust Case Filings

Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
U.S. v. Mitchell E. Mosallem December 10, 2003 Other Second Circuit Sign Manufacturing
U.S. v. James Rattoballi March 8, 2007 Other Second Circuit Sign Manufacturing
Reading International, Inc., et al. v. Oaktree Capital Management, LLC, et al. September 24, 2003 Other Second Circuit None
U.S. v. David Salomon and M&F Meat Products Co. October 31, 2001 Other Second Circuit None
U.S. v. SKW Metals & Alloys, Inc. and Charles Zak September 15, 2000 Other Second Circuit Electrometallurgical Products
U.S. v. A. Alfred Taubman and Anthony J. Tennant May 2, 2002 Other Second Circuit Miscellaneous Retail Stores, NEC
U.S. v. VISA U.S.A., et al. July 17, 2007 Other Second Circuit Credit Card Issuing
U.S. v. Michael Yaron, et al. July 24, 2012 Other Second Circuit Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
U.S. v. Apple, Inc., et al. July 13, 2015 Other Second Circuit
U.S. v. Broadcast Music, Inc. October 24, 2014 Civil Non-Merger Second Circuit Music Publishers


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