Antitrust Case Filings

Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
U.S. v. Columbia Pictures Industries Inc., et al. August 4, 1980 Civil Non-Merger New York, Southern District Motion Picture Production & Services
U.S. v. Cuisinarts, Inc. September 17, 1980 Civil Non-Merger Connecticut, District of Electric Housewares and Fans, Heating Equipment (except Warm Air Furnaces) Manufacturing, Other Small Household Electric Appliances
U.S. v. Essex Group Inc., et al. January 16, 1980 California, Central District Nonferrous Wiredrawing, Insulating, Other Aluminum Rolling and Drawing
U.S. v. First National Supermarkets Inc., et al. October 10, 1980 Civil Non-Merger Ohio, Northern District General Line Grocery Wholesalers
U.S. v. Flintkote Company, et al. September 30, 1980 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Ready-Mix Concrete Manufacturing, Concrete Pipe Manufacturing, Other Concrete Product Manufacturing
U.S. v. FMC Corp. April 23, 1980 Civil Non-Merger Pennsylvania, Eastern District Agricultural Chemicals, NEC
U.S. v. Forex Association of North America and Foreign Exchange Brokers Association January 21, 1980 Civil Non-Merger New York, Southern District Foreign Exchange Establishments
U.S. v. Gary L. McAliley, et al. December 9, 1980 Civil Non-Merger Alabama, Middle District Legal Services
U.S. v. Geneva County Bar Association December 9, 1980 Civil Non-Merger Alabama, Southern District Legal Services, Office of Lawyers
U.S. v. Gould, Inc. and Saft America, Inc. September 10, 1980 Civil Merger Minnesota, District of None


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