Antitrust Case Filings

Antitrust Case Filings

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Title Case Open Date Incident Date Case Type Federal Court Industry Code
U.S. v. Waste Management, Inc. and EMW Ventures Incorporated February 25, 1981 Civil Merger New York, Southern District Refuse Systems
U.S. v. Time Finance Adjusters January 6, 1981 Civil Non-Merger Florida, Middle District Credit Reporting and Collection, Business Services, NEC, Installment Sales Finance Companies, Repossession Services
U.S. v. The Dickerson Group July 28, 1981 Civil Non-Merger North Carolina, Western District Highway and Street Construction
U.S. v. RMI Company, Titanium Metals Corporation of America, Crucible Inc., Lawrence Aviation Industries Inc., and Martin Marietta Aluminum Inc. (1981) December 30, 1981 Civil Non-Merger New York, Eastern District Titanium Mill Shapes
U.S. v. Revco D. S., Inc. and Zale Corporation February 2, 1981 Civil Merger Texas, Northern District Drug Stores and Proprietary Stores, Pharmacies and Drug Stores
U.S. v. National Finance Adjusters Inc. January 5, 1981 Civil Non-Merger Michigan, Eastern District Credit Reporting and Collection, Business Services, NEC, Installment Sales Finance Companies
U.S. v. Mack Trucks Inc., et al. January 12, 1981 Civil Non-Merger Pennsylvania, Eastern District Motor Vehicles and Car Bodies
U.S. v. Kentucky Utilities Company February 26, 1981 Civil Non-Merger Kentucky, Western District Electric Services
U.S. v. Kahan & Lessin Co., et al. January 14, 1981 Civil Non-Merger California, Central District General Line Grocery Wholesalers
U.S. v. E.I. Du Pont de Nemours & Co., Inc. (1981) August 4, 1981 Civil Merger District of Columbia, District of Chlorine, Compressed or Liquefied, Cyclic Intermediates, Household Bleaches, Inorganic Acids, Exc. Nitric, Sulfuric, Phosphor, Lubricating Oils and Greases, Made in Refineries, Noncellulosic Organic Fiber Manufacturing, Organic Fibers, Noncellulosic, Other Aluminum Compounds, Polishing Preparations and Related Products, Specialty Cleaning and Sanitation Products, Synthetic Organic Chems., NEC, Not Bulk, Thermoplastic Resins and Plastics Materials


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