Antitrust Issues and Your Small Business

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The Antitrust Division shares antitrust resources supporting small businesses.


The Department of Justice’s Antitrust Division enforces the Federal antitrust laws, which protect free and open competition. At the broadest level, the antitrust laws prohibit business practices that unreasonably deprive consumers of the benefits of competition, resulting in higher prices for inferior products and services. In addition to investigating conduct that may violate the antitrust laws, the Division reviews mergers and acquisitions to evaluate whether they may substantially lessen competition.

This web page is intended to be a resource for small businesses, sharing helpful information on what the antitrust laws are, examples of conduct they prohibit, and ways to report potential violations. The pages below provide more detailed information on topics that may be of particular relevance to small businesses.

The public plays an important role in identifying potential antitrust violations. If you believe that competition in your business or locality has been restricted or is in danger of being restricted as a result of a merger, anticompetitive behavior, or other activity, you should contact the Antitrust Division’s Citizen Complaint Center.

To better understand how the antitrust laws function from a consumer perspective, see Antitrust Laws and You.

DOJ Resources

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Avoiding Criminal Cartel Activity and Agreements Not to Compete

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Applying to the Criminal Leniency Program

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Avoiding and Reporting Bid Rigging and Procurement Fraud

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Avoiding Antitrust Issues in Hiring and Management

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Participating in Information Sharing and Trade Associations

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Disaster Recovery Efforts and COVID-19

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Reporting Violations of DOJ Consent Decrees

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DOJ Advocacy on Occupational Licensing


Overview of the Antitrust Laws

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Antitrust Laws and You

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Antitrust Laws and the Consumer

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Updated January 19, 2022

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