ATR FY 1999 Annual Report Appendix D: Organization Directory, Antitrust Division

Appendix D – Attachment to the Annual Report, Antitrust Division, FY 1999. For the current Antitrust Organizational Directory, see the Sections and Offices Directory.


Appendix D:
Antitrust Division Organization Directory

Mailing Address:

Office of the Assistant Attorney General
Antitrust Division
U.S. Department of Justice, Room 3109
10th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

Phone Numbers:

All phone numbers listed are in the 202 area code, unless otherwise noted.

Assistant Attorney General
Joel I. Klein 514-2401

Deputy Assistant Attorneys General
A. Douglas Melamed 514-2410
Timothy F. Bresnahan 514-2408
James M. Griffin 514-3543
John M. Nannes 514-1157
Donna Patterson 307-2032

Chief of Staff
Adam M. Golodner 514-8251

Office of Operations/Director of Enforcement
Constance Robinson 514-3544

Directors of Enforcement
Scott D. Hammond 514-4590
Mary Jane Moltenbrey 514-2562
Marius Schwartz 305-3055

Appellate Section
Catherine O'Sullivan 514-2413
Robert Nicholson 514-2489
John Powers 514-2414

Civil Task Force
Susan Edelheit, Acting 616-5935

Economic Policy Section
Kenneth Heyer 307-6665
Andrew R. Dick 307-6341

Computers and Finance Section
Nancy Goodman 514-5634
N. Scott Sacks 307-6132

Economic Litigation Section
Norman Familant 307-6323
Elizabeth A. Reardon 307-6332

Economic Regulatory Section
George Rozanski 307-6591
W. Robert Majure 307-6603

Executive Office
Thomas King 514-2421
Katherine Crump-Wiesner 514-2421
Carl Anderson (ISSG) 633-1413

International Section
Charles Stark 514-2464
Edward Hand 514-2488

Health Care Task Force
Gail Kursh 307-5799
David Jordan 307-6693

Competition Policy and Advocacy Section
Robert Potter 214-2512
Howard Blumenthal 214-2513

Healthcare and Consumer Products Section
Anthony Nanni 307-6694
David Blotner 307-6695

Defense, Industrials, and Aerospace Section
J. Robert Kramer 307-0924
Willie Hudgins 307-0207
Mark J. Botti 307-0827
Anne M. Purcell 514-5803

Telecommunications Task Force
Donald Russell 514-5621
Laury Bobbish 514-5709

Transportation, Energy & Agriculture Section
Roger Fones 307-6351
Donna Kooperstein 307-6349

Atlanta Field Office
John Orr 404-331-7100
Nezida Davis 404-331-7100

Chicago Field Office
Marvin Price 312-353-7530

Cleveland Field Office
Scott M. Watson 216-522-4070
Michael F. Wood 216-522-2085

Dallas Field Office
Alan Pason 214-880-9401


New York Field Office
Ralph Giordano 212-264-0390
Philip Cody 212-264-0390

Philadelphia Field Office
Robert Connolly 215-597-7405
Joseph Muoio 215-597-7405

San Francisco Field Office
Christopher Crook 415-436-6660
Phillip Warren 415-436-6660

Internet Access
For additional information on the Antitrust Division, visit our website:
Send all Internet correspondence to:


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