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Negative icon Limits choice of brokerage services
Negative icon Prohibits brokers from offering rebates to consumers

Kansas law requires real estate brokers to accept and present offers and counteroffers, even if consumer do not wish to buy these services.

Kansas law prohibits real estate brokers from competing with each other by offering consumer rebates. This reduces the ability of consumers to benefit from competition among brokers.

However, according to the Kansas Real Estate Commission, real estate brokers may offer their customers use of moving vans, charitable donations, coupons, closing costs, homeowner warranties, inspections, home repairs, and insurance among other things in the course of the real estate transaction.

Press Release

June 16, 2017

Justice Department Expresses Concerns to Kansas Real Estate Commission Regarding Regulation that Would Prohibit Real Estate Agents from Offering Gift Cards to Home Buyers

Comment Letters

June 16, 2017

Letter to Kansas Real Estate Commission Re: Proposed Regulation K.A.R. 86-3-32

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Kansas Statute Annotated §58-3062 prohibiting the payment of rebates

August 12, 2004

Kansas Real Estate Commission Guidelines for Permissible Gifts and Gratuities

Kansas Statutes Annotated §58-30,106, §58-30,107 requiring real estate brokers to accept and present offers and counteroffers in every real estate transaction received prior to the closing of the sale. The seller can only instruct the broker in the agency agreement not to submit offers after an offer has been accepted by the seller.

Updated June 20, 2017

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