Competition and Real Estate by State

Oklahoma Oklahoma

Positive icon Allows choice of brokerage services
Negative icon Prohibits brokers from offering rebates to consumers

Oklahoma law allows consumers who use brokers to instruct them that they do not want certain minimum services otherwise required by Oklahoma law. In this way, Oklahoma law preserves for consumers the choice of brokerage services they wish to purchase.

Oklahoma law prohibits real estate brokers from paying part of their commission to unlicensed individuals. Because consumers do not have real estate licenses, Oklahoma law prevents them from receiving rebates. Oklahoma consumers are unable to benefit from rebates that customers in other states may receive.

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Press Releases

May 25, 2005

Justice Department Statement on Oklahoma Legislature's Proposed Real Estate Legislation

April 8, 2005

Justice Department Urges Oklahoma State Legislature to Continue to Allow Choice in Real Estate Services

Comment Letters

September 21, 2005

Letter to the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission Re: Website Notice Regarding SB 673

April 8, 2005

Letter to the Oklahoma Senate and House of Representatives Re: Oklahoma Senate Bill 673

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