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Virginia law allows brokers the option to offer à la carte services to consumers, as long as those brokers disclose to the consumers what services the broker will provide and what services standard agents provide under Virginia law. This disclosure preserves the ability of consumers to choose the brokerage services they want.

In addition, the Antitrust Division has commented to the Virginia Supreme Court about the benefits that consumers realize if non-attorneys are allowed to compete with attorneys to provide real estate closing services.

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Press Release

September 20, 1996

Justice Department and Federal Trade Commission Urge Virginia Bar to Allow Non-Lawyers to Participate in Real Estate Closings

Comment Letters

January 27, 2006

Letter to Virginia Association of Realtors Re: House Bill 316—Virginia Agency Services Legislation

January 3, 1997

Letter to the Virginia Supreme Court Re: Comments on Proposed UPL Opinion #183 (Non-Lawyers Conducting Real Estate Closings)

September 20, 1996

Letter to the Virginia State Bar Re: Comments on Proposed UPL Opinion #183 (Non-Lawyers Conducting Real Estate Closings)

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Code of Virginia §§ 54.1-2131, 54.1-2132, 54.1-2133, 54.1-2134 allowing consumers to contract for the services they want, as long as there is full disclosure

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