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Consumers Save Thousands in Commissions

Consumers who live in states permitting the option to choose innovative brokerage options, such as rebates or fee-for-service MLS-only packages, can potentially save thousands of dollars on commission payments.

This table shows that consumers can save more than $6200 in commissions on the sale of a median-priced home.

Table: Brokerage Options and Potential Savings on Home Sold for $184,334

Seller’s Broker Commission
Buyer’s Broker Commission
Total Commission
(5.3% commission)
Buyer: Broker Rebates 1%
Seller: Fee-for-Service, MLS Only
Buyer and Seller Savings Combined    

For more information:

For details on brokerage options available in your state, see Real Estate Laws in Your State.

To learn more about rebates, see Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive.

To learn more about brokerage services and fee-for-service options, see Discount Brokers Can Make Selling a Home Less Costly.


All sales models assume a 50/50 commission split between seller's and buyer's broker.

Full-service commission rate of 5.3% is based on REAL Trends 500©.

For examples of 1% buyer痴 broker rebate offers, see “A Fresh Attack on the 6% Commission,” Money, 04/11/2006.

For examples of $500 MLS only fee-for-service offers, see “Discount Real-Estate Brokers Spark a War Over Commissions,” Wall Street Journal Online, 10/13/2005.

Savings are relative to the total commission paid for the full-service option.

Consumers who choose options other than full-service may not receive as many services as consumers who choose the full-service option.

Updated July 2, 2015

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