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Antitrust Division Diversity Committee

The Antitrust Division seeks a workforce composed of a wide cross section of America, diverse in physical characteristics, perspective, and thought. In support of this workforce, the Division pursues a work environment where equality, respect, and tolerance are of paramount importance and employee diversity is celebrated and supported.

The Division recognizes that a richly diverse staff makes better decisions in its mission to support a vibrant and competitive American economy.

Diversity Committee

The Antitrust Division’s Diversity Committee is committed to helping foster a diverse and inclusive culture within the Division.

Some of the Committee’s many initiatives include:

  • Recruiting: Attending and organizing diversity recruitment events for different positions in the Antitrust Division.

    More information about the Antitrust Division’s employment opportunities can be found on the Division’s Employment page. Candidates interested in the Paralegal Specialist position should note that hiring occurs year-round, but most recruitment occurs from September through March. Paralegal Specialist positions with the Antitrust Division are advertised on USAJOBS. Candidates interested in applying to the Attorney General’s Honors Program or Summer Law Intern Program should note the application usually opens in late July and closes in early September. Key dates for the Attorney General Honor’s Program application can be found on the Department's Entry-Level Attorneys page and Summer Law Intern Program (SLIP) application can be found on the Department's Summer Law Intern Program page. Although the Antitrust Division hires primarily attorneys, paralegals, and economists, there are periodically openings for professional, administrative, and support positions. If you have any questions about job opportunities with the Antitrust Division, including when they will become available or how to apply, please email the Diversity Committee’s Outreach Subcommittee at ATR.Diversity-Outreach@USDOJ.GOV.

  • Training: Providing mentorship, professional development programs, and training on best practices for fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees.

  • Speaker Series: Hosting speaker series events to raise awareness of diversity and inclusion issues.