Message from Assistant Attorney General Baer

The Antitrust Division has long been committed toward providing a welcoming and inclusive work environment to employees of all backgrounds. During my tenure as AAG, I have sought to continue and enhance these efforts for several reasons.

First, as a component within the department charged with enforcing our nation’s laws and protecting the rights of our fellow citizens, I believe it is incumbent upon the Division to offer employees from all walks of life a workplace that allows them to thrive both professionally and personally. Second, I believe that the Division can more effectively enforce our antitrust laws and protect U.S. consumers when its workforce reflects our nation’s rich diversity. Third, I believe that the American public has greater confidence in the Division’s enforcement decisions when the Division reflects the various communities of America.

I commend the excellent work that the Diversity Committee and others have done to help foster such a workplace and culture within the Division.



Updated August 4, 2015

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