Electronic Discovery

NOTE: These materials pertain to civil investigations only and are merely representative. They are subject to change. Due to the pace of change and matter and party-specific issues, you must consult Division staff for matter-specific guidance before beginning any collection of electronic documents for production to the Division.

March 29, 2017

Avoiding E-Discovery Accidents and Responding to Inevitable Emergencies: A Perspective from the Antitrust Division, Tracy Greer

March 26, 2014

Technology-Assisted Review and Other Discovery Initiatives, Tracy Greer

March 29, 2012

Electronic Discovery at the Antitrust Division: An Update, Tracy Greer

March 25, 2009

E-Discovery Initiatives at the Antitrust Division, Tracy Greer

Electronic Production Letter Using Load Files

Questionnaire on Electronically Stored Information

Updated March 29, 2017