Frito-Lay Investigations : 03/11/1996: Memorandum: Correspondence

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Memorandum U.S. Department of Justice Seal

Subject: Correspondence re: Eagle Snacks Date: March 11, 1996

To: Patsy Chick From: Rachel Wilson

Larry Fullerton advised that you were the person who should receive copies of our Eagle Snacks/Frito Lay correspondence. Enclosed with this letter are some of the faxes which were received last week in the Front Office. Not included in this package are any of the faxes which have already been forwarded to the Deputies, Bob Kramer or David Blotner. If you have not seen any of those faxes, please let me know and I will send you copies of those as well (there are fewer of those, and all of them have return addresses -- some are from [REDACTED TEXT (b7D)] others).

I have not made copies of these faxes, as there are so many of them. Please either keep them with the case correspondence file, or if you wish to get rid of them at any point, please send them to me and I will place them in AKB's correspondence file (just so we have them somewhere). Thanks.

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