Patricia A. Brink, Director of Civil Enforcement

Division Update Spring 2012

Director of Civil Enforcement Patty Brink supervises the Antitrust Division’s merger and nonmerger civil matters. With the aid of four special assistants (Division attorneys detailed to the Office of Operations), Brink supports and advises the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Civil Enforcement and manages the workload of the six civil sections: Networks and Technology Enforcement Section; Telecommunications and Media Enforcement Section; Transportation, Energy, and Agriculture Section; and Litigation I, II, and III sections. Brink was appointed as Director of Civil Enforcement in the fall of 2010.

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Patty Brink

Brink serves as a liaison between the front office leadership and the Division’s civil sections. She reviews and advises on all civil recommendations, including civil investigative demands, closings, and case recommendations. For example, she closely examines consent decree packages to ensure adequate remedies. She provides information and advice on civil matters in the context of the Division’s policies and practices to the front office leadership. She is also responsible for the coordination of resources allocation on the civil side, including attorney staffing and information technology.

As Director of Civil Enforcement, Brink hopes to enhance the civil program’s processes by sharing best practices among the sections, staying on top of changes in areas such as electronic discovery, and facilitating open and effective communications among and between the different sections and the front office.

Having worked in many different sections, Brink has a broad based knowledge and experience on the civil side of antitrust law. She joined the Division as an honors attorney in 1989, and has worked in several sections, including Professions and Intellectual Property, Civil Task Force I and II, Merger Task Force, and Networks and Technology. Brink served as a special assistant in the Office of Operations between 1998 and 2000. More recently, Brink was the special counsel for Microsoft decree enforcement between 2004 and 2005. She was promoted to Deputy Director of Operations in 2006.

Brink recalls enforcing the Microsoft consent decree as among the most interesting, significant, and rewarding work of her career. She closely coordinated with state plaintiffs and worked with the technical committee that was set up to help enforce the compliance of the decree.

Brink first became interested in joining the Antitrust Division when she heard then Division San Francisco Field Office chief Gary Spratling speak about the Division at her law school. Brink recalls, “Although the presentation was mostly about the criminal program, I was fascinated by the Division’s work.”

Brink volunteers for her son’s high school Parent-Teacher-Student Association and when the weather is nice, Brink and her husband can be found biking around the area. Last year, they biked 450 miles across Iowa in seven days with approximately 15,000 cyclists. Brink notes that, “Contrary to public opinion, Iowa is not flat.” In the winter she sees a lot of movies.

Brink earned her J.D. from University of California, Davis King Hall in 1989 and B.A. from Occidental College in 1983.

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