New Directors of Enforcement

Division Update Spring 2012

In order to further enhance the Division’s antitrust enforcement and streamline its operations, in the fall of 2010, the Division realigned and created four positions in the Office of Operations: Director of Civil Enforcement, Director of Criminal Enforcement, Economics Director of Enforcement, and Director of Litigation.

“These seasoned, career directors ensure that both the substance and the quality of our work are rock-solid,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Sharis A. Pozen at the American Bar Association’s 2011 Antitrust Fall Forum. “They also ensure that each and every investigation has the resources it needs so that we can reach a decision point efficiently and effectively.”

The directors play critical roles in the Division’s day-to-day operations. Possessing a wealth of institutional knowledge and expertise, they serve as advisors to the Assistant Attorney General and Deputy Assistant Attorneys General as well as managers of their respective programs within the Division. The directors ensure that matters are prioritized and that the Division’s resources are allocated effectively and efficiently.

Updated July 7, 2015

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