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Antitrust Division Honors Its Own 2013

Division Update Spring 2013

Congratulations to the 2012 recipients of the Antitrust Division’s Assistant Attorney General (AAG) Awards. These honorary awards reflect the recipients’ tremendous work to protect competition on behalf of American consumers.

2012 AAG Individual Award Recipients

David Gringer, Attorney, Litigation I. Honored for valuable team membership, hard work, and high productivity in all of his work, including outstanding contributions on Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, 3M-Avery Dennison, and H&R Block matters.

Matthew Magura, Economist, Economic Analysis Group. Honored for significant contributions as an experienced and effective investigator and his outstanding performance, including analysis of coordinated effects, 3M-Avery investigation, and the successful litigation of price-fixing in the Division’s LCD screens matters.

Frances Marshall, Attorney, Legal Policy. Honored for her work as Special Counsel for Intellectual Property, significantly advancing the Division’s involvement through her work as a representative to the American National Standards Institute, guidance provided to senior Division officials, pursuit of international issues, spearheading the DOJ/FTC IP workshop on patent assertion entities, and joint DOJ/PTO statement on injunction and exclusion orders.

Caitlin Morrison, Paralegal, New York Office. Honored for her leadership, ingenuity, and efficiency as a supervisory paralegal specialist and for her outstanding performance on the LIBOR and Environmental Services and Electrical Power Generation investigations.

Hillary Snyder, Attorney, Transportation, Energy, and Agriculture. Honored for her outstanding work making the civil litigation and criminal litigation databases user-friendly, working closely with Division attorneys to ensure the information developed and presented met user needs.

Morrison Award
Rebecca Meiklejohn, Attorney, New York Office
Named in honor of Hugh Morrison, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General. This award is presented in recognition of the long-term achievement and exemplary work ethic of an outstanding Division career litigator and litigation manager in furthering the mission of the Division.

Roberts Award
John Read, Chief, Litigation III
Named in honor of Neil Roberts, former chief of the Antitrust Division’s Legal Policy Section, this award recognizes excellence, leadership, and dedication in the enforcement of the antitrust laws.

Enforcement Support Award
Jan Cummins , Legal Administrative Specialist, San Francisco Office, and
Deborah Sampson, Head Secretary, Appellate Section
This award recognizes long-term dedication and consistently excellent performance in support of the Division’s law enforcement mission.

2012 AAG Team Award Recipients

Auto Parts Team: Attorneys Katie Hellings, Shane Cralle, Matthew Lunder, Paul Gallagher, Eric Meiring, Nick Pyati; Paralegal Meghan Ballard; Support Priscilla Scruggs; Contractor Crystal Blichard

Munibonds Team: NY: Attorneys Rebecca Meiklejohn, Steven Tugander, Kevin Hart, Michelle Rindone, Patricia Jannaco, John Van Lonkhuyzen, Eric Hoffman, Richard Powers, Wendy Waszmer, Deirdre McEvoy, Antonia Hill; Paralegals Roman Babadzhanov, Stephanie Raney, Dan Grodzki, Colin Edge; IT Adam High; Contractors Angela Turner, Tanya Avent, Laverne Bender; CLE: Attorneys Paul Binder, Brian Stack; PHIL: Attorneys Joseph Muoio, Jeffrey Parker, Patricia Rossi; CHI: Attorneys Kalina Tulley, Jennifer Dixton, Eric Schleef; Paralegal Janice Swallow; APP: Attorneys John Powers, James Fredricks, Finnuala Tessier; OAAG: Attorney Marc Siegel; EAG: Economist Peter Woodward; ISSG: IT Specialists Shyam Srinivasan, Scott Minning; Contractors Cameron Conway, John Kost

AT&T Team: TEL: Attorneys Lawrence Frankel, Matthew Hammond, Robert Lepore, Claude Scott, Alvin Chu, Robert Draba, Lauren Fishbein, Peter Gray, David Lawrence, Brent Marshall, Yvette Tarlov, Carl Willner, Stephen Yelderman, Kenneth Dintzer (Civil Division); Paralegals Sharon Nwaebube, Ashley Otallah, Pardeis Heidari, Michal Ilewski, Sophia Bertran, Michael Klein; Support Althelia Carter, Taryn Adams; LIT I: Attorneys Ryan Kantor, Shobitha Bhat; Paralegals Branden Ly, Matthew Muskin; LIT II: Attorneys Stephanie Fleming, Kerrie Freeborn, Milosz Gudzowski, Christine Hill; Paralegals WenQi Zhao, Clarissa Davis; LIT III: Attorneys Stephen Fairchild, Lisa Scanlon, Joseph Vardner; Paralegals Sandra Park, Nathan Foley, Edward Ajaeb; NetTech: Attorneys Michael Bonanno, Aaron Hoag; Paralegal Thomas DeMatteo; TEA: Attorneys Kathleen O’Neill, Katherine Celeste, Dick Doidge, Laura Collins, Angela Hughes, John Snyder, William Martin; OPS: Attorney F. Patrick Hallagan; LP: Attorney Jillian Charles; APP: Attorney Nickolai Levin; EAG: Economists Haru Connolly, Wayne Dunham, Nathan Goldstein, Gloria Sheu, Nathan Miller, Russell Pittman, William Drake, Aditi Mehta; Financial Analyst Mary Schaffer; Statisticians Samuel Larson, Conor Ryan; Paralegal Christopher Gomes; ISSG: Contractor Darren Sakai

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