REW Public Comment : Bears Den Real Estate (Abair, Diane) 10/20/2005, REW-0063

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Comment No.:REW-0063
Organization:Bears Den Real Estate
Commenter:Abair, Diane


From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2005 10:01 AM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: Competition in Real Estat4e


I would like to ask each and every one of you to evaluate your own jobs and suppose that each time you took on a new task, you had to submit a proposal of why you were the best candidate to handle that task out of your whole office; or other Departments in other Companies; and not just verbally, accompany that proposal in writing with supporting documents - then tell me Real Estate is NOT competitive. At least when you do a job, the standards are the same, you are expected to do many things in order to protect the interests of the "task" or " public". You must learn to wear many hats and some do this job really well and others - well, they are there for a paycheck, probably not unlike your company - there are less than competent people there, but they are usually let go and so it is in Real Estate, the ones that do not do a good job are not referred on by their clients and consequently cannot make enough money to support themselves and eventually drop out or are let go. Other agents do not like to work with these less than capable people - nor do you - if you send a request out to another department and the material is either not returned or not the way it should be, you find someone else out there to do what you need or deliver what you need and so it goes in Real Estate. We are extremely competitive and always have in mind the rights and expectations of the public - "our boss"

The MLS is a cooperative, broker-to-broker offer of cooperation and compensation that help both brokers and customers buy and sell homes. It is not a public utility, nor should it be.

The beauty of the MLS is that it allows real estate brokerages of every size to compete on a level playing field. It gives all of us access to an inventory of property listings that we are able to show and sell to our clients.

The MLS doesn't discriminate. All MLS members are treated equally, regardless of their size or their business model, and yet the rights of property owners and their listing brokers are respected. The rules of the MLS achieve a delicate balance between respecting the rights of listing brokers so they will continue to be willing to contribute their inventory of listings and permitting cooperating brokers the ability to show those listings and be assured of receiving compensation if they bring about a successful sale. The MLS system is what makes Realtors competitive or somewhat equal - I assume you all know the story of the "dog in the manger" - no sharing or competition.

Diane Abair - Broker
Bears Den Real Estate
"Tired of Hibernating in that Same old Cave?"
625 St. Marks
cor Lake Blvd & St Marks)
Redding, Calif. 96003

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