REW Public Comment : Carr, Susan 10/28/2005, REW-0265

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Comment No.: REW-0265
Received: 10/28/2005
Commenter: Carr, Susan
State: FL
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Sent: Friday, October 28, 2005 5:16 PM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: MLS fair or unfair?

Please let me take a minute to tell you how unfair real estate is becoming to the Buyers and Sellers.

I have been an agent since 1988 and have seen many changes most for the positive for both buyers and sellers. Since the real estate boom began in 2000 the industry has had numerous problems due to the number of unprofessional agents, not the way the industry works as a whole. Cooperation among agents in the past has been wonderful with agents trying to work with the buyers and sellers by cooperating thru MLS. Since 2000 many companies have begun to keep their listings to themselves for many reasons, this has greatly hindered buyers from being allowed to see the entire market of homes that are available because there has been a break in the central database(MLS) for all the homes. The multiple listing service gives every buyer the opportunity to see what is available in an area. It also allows every licensed real estate agent the opportunity to help a buyer see all the homes that are on the market and it gives the seller the opportunity to obtain the highest price for their property. Let me give you an example:

XYZ a discount real estate agents lists a Sellers house and does not put it in MLS. The only buyers that know about the house are those who are using XYZ real estate or happen to drive by and see a sign. In our area there are over 7000 agents. Let's say for example XYZ real estate has the broker and maybe 2 agents working for XYZ. Does the Seller really have the opportunity to get top dollar? I would say no, because only 3 agents know about the house being for sale and how many buyers can three agents come across. With 7000 agents the seller has much more chance of getting the highest price for their house, and many more buyers have the opportunity to buy the house. I think this is much fairer to all parties.

Over the last few years I have had a number of my past customers try "discount real estate companies" that did not put their properties in MLS. All of them lost money because of the extended time on the market and/or upfront money they paid to the real estate Brokers. All of them eventually listed with me and paid my fee and saw the advantage of having their houses in MLS. Think about it, how would you like to be a buyer and have to call 7000 agents because each agent can only sell there own listings. What about the sellers, what kind of price would they get for there home if only there agent could sell it? The market has been hot recently and fairly easy to sell a house because there has been more buyers than sellers. What happens when there are more sellers than buyers? The MLS was developed to help all buyers, sellers and real estate agents cooperate and have a better chance for everyone to be successful. Getting rid of the MLS would hurt everyone. MLS is not unfair, but fair to all parties, buyers, sellers, and real estate agents.


Susan Kane Carr

8855 Dr. ML King St. N.

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

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