REW Public Comment : Faris, S. 11/08/2005, REW-0346

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Comment No.: REW-0346
Received: 11/08/2005
Commenter: Faris, S.
Attachments: None


From: Simon.Says@Verizon.Net [mailto:Simon.Says@Verizon.Net]
Sent: Tuesday, November 08, 2005 3:00 PM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: Competitive

Please be advised that internet has created such fierce competing that anyone can get on the mls through homeseekers IDX as I am guilty of this too. People want everything free and want it now. I also believe there should be a minimum for Real Estate transactions as well. There are too many part timers out there who can work for next to nothing and it does not affect them. Like a Big lending institution could offer the Real Estate transaction for free if they capture the loan. I have acquaintances who have used new companies charging 3% for the whole list.(both sides) and then kick=back through escrow another point no matter what the compensation is on the purchase. I believe there is a certain professionalism that needs to be adhered to. We have GMAC lending offering the same as above on 40 foot billboards on the freeway. What I am afraid of is that these big guy's will eat us smaller guys up and monopolize the market.


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