REW Public Comment : Freeman, H. 09/16/2005, REW-0003

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Comment No.:REW-0003
Received:September 16, 2005
Commenter:Freeman, H.


To whom it may concern: I am concerned about the workshop you are having because the MLS does not prevent buyers from seeing property. A realtor can choose to participate in the MLS or not, however consumers can look at the property listed in the MLS by typing in key works into any search engine. Also, any property listed with the MLS that fits the customers needs will be pulled by an agent or broker. Also, the listings belong to the broker and agent who listed the property and other brokers do not advertise those because they are not their listings. When an agent gets a listing the seller has entrusted them, to advertise their property and to find buyers for their property, sell their home and represent them during the sale. The only way an agent would advertise another agent's listing would be that they work in the same company and the listing agent told them they could advertise their listings however they could never say they were their listings when they are not. A listing agent represents the seller and the buyer's agent represents the buyer. As well as a listing broker represents the seller and the buyer's broker represents the buyer. An easier way to think of it is like this, in a court case you have a prosecution and a defendant, think of the prosecution as the buyer's agent and broker representing the buyer and the defendant as the seller's agent and broker representing the seller. You would never go to court without have an attorney representing you the same is said in real estate. I believe there is a misunderstanding here that needs to be corrected. Please do not make any changes unless you speak with experts in the real estate industry. We are not preventing consumers from having access to property listed, they can pull the same information we do that matching their criteria. In fact some buyers bring the property in that they would like to purchase to the agent. It is up to the buyer which avenue they will use to access the information whether they pull it themselves or whether they rely on the agent to pull it for them. If a buyer finds something they want to make an offer on, then they make an offer, at some point the buyer has decided to stop looking not the agent deciding for them.

Updated June 25, 2015

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