REW Public Comment : Parker, Hill & Regan 11/09/2005, REW-0350

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Comment No.: REW-0349
Received: 11/09/2005
Organization: Sentry Realty LC
Commenter: Smiley, Cynthia
State: KY
Attachments: None


From: []
Sent: Wednesday, November 09, 2005 2:26 PM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: Comments from a Limited Service Realtor

To: Lee Quinn Antitrust Division
Dear Mr. Quinn,
I started my own real estate company in April, 2001, as a Limited Service Realtor®. Since that time and over 420 listings later, I have never had a complaint from a customer that has used my service. In addition, I have never had a complaint from a fellow Realtor®. But, I have had numerous complaints from the KY Real Estate Commission filed by the KY Real Estate Commission. All of the complaints have been dismissed by the KY Real Estate Commission after I hired a lawyer to represent me and proved that their allegations were without merit. I feel that these formal complaints were simply harassment and that some of the Commission members (owners of traditional real estate companies) were hoping I would shut the door to my business. I am supporting the DOJ and its efforts to allow all types of real estate business models to do business. The NAR claim that the consumer is not getting adequate representation and service is ludicrous. I also think a consumer should be able to have a choice and make their own decision as to the type of services they need to sell their home. My clients have been thrilled with my service. If you need any witnesses to substantiate your claims, I would be happy to supply you with names of past customers. Please keep up the great work!
Cynthia Smiley
Sentry Realty LC
As you know, the KY Real Estate Commission has recently passed a new
regulation that requires KY Listing Agents to perform certain tasks.
Without your help, I may not be able to stay in business and consumers
will be forced to pay much more for Realtor® assistance in selling their

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