REW Public Comment : Prudential Snook, REALTORS (Snook, Steve) 10/24/2005, REW-0226

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Comment No.:REW-0226
Organization:Prudential Snook, REALTORS
Commenter:Snook, Steve


From: []
Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 8:46 PM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: The DOJ in real estate.

I am a citizen of the State of Missouri. I have been in the real estate profession since 1980 and have always strived to conduct my business in a way that provides a worthwhile service to my customers and clients. I find it very disappointing that my own government is now looking for ways to discredit my chosen profession. Letters to state governments about pending legislation are not only unwanted, but unnecessary. I am curious where the public outcry is that warrants such an intrusion?

In regard to the business being competitive, I cannot imagine a business that is more competitive than real estate. Every day I have to consider the costs of the services we provide to remain in a position that will keep our doors open. My associates do the same. Over the years, many of them have moved on to other professions or jobs due to not being able to survive in such a competitive environment.

I and my associated have made considerable investments in a multiple listing service (MLS) that allows for the orderly dissemination of information. I choose to make this information available in a format that allows for the business of real estate to be conducted in a profession manner. Over 1.2 million of my competitors have access to this service. That is why I am a member of the MLS. Allowing others to access the information ... and then paying for referrals from entities that only exist to sell the information back to me ... simply makes no sense. Allowing others to only post information and not provide basic services is against our sate law ... and rightfully so. Thanks to the action of our state government there is now a safeguard against this kind of business practice.

Multiple business models exist in our state and all have their following. The public will decide who survives and how ... not a government agency.

We survey our clients after closings. Over 95% are very satisfied with our service and would recommend us to others. This is not something you would expect to hear from someone that is skeptical of our business practices or the fee we charge for our services.

Like many other REALTORS, I also serve my community. As Mayor, I became very involved in economic development issues, infrastructure issues, quality of life issues, and so on. In fact, my company is made of people who give back and have been recognized for doing so. Can other professions say the same?

I am not sure what motivates this attention to the real estate industry but I stand ready to defend it. Having worked my entire life to build a reputation that can be trusted and respected. I will not stand by silently on this issue. REALTORS have done a tremendous job building the quality of life this country enjoys. I will protect it in any way possible. I trust my representatives in Congress will do the same and stand by me and my profession.

Thank you for your time,

Steve Snook, ABRM,CRB,GRI
Prudential Snook, REALTORS
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