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REW Public Comment : RE/MAX Of The Poconos (Primrose, Cristina) 11/27/2005, REW-0391

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Comment No.: REW-0391
Received: 11/27/2005
Organization: RE/MAX of the Poconos
Commenter: Primrose, Cristina
State: PA
Attachments: Signed, hard copy


From: []
Sent: Sunday, November 27, 2005 4:15 PM
To: ATR-Real Estate Workshop
Subject: Competition and the Real Estate Workshop

To whom it may concern,

Please be advised that although you strongly believe you are helping the Consumer with allowing them to enter our MLS unrepresented, you are actually hurting them as well as cheapening our Industry which has worked hard over the past 15 years to create a better image and become more professional.

Seller's who want to represent themselves but need to be in our MLS have no idea what they are getting into. Plus they are causing unnecessary grievances between offices because they think they know what they are doing, but it's clear they do not. They are not skilled at what we do every day.

Also, why would you require us to give up our MLS and allow anyone to use it? If I go and purchase an item through the manufacturer direct, I have cut out the retailer who will eventually have to close his doors. How can that possibly be good for Americans and our economy?

It sounds good what you would like to see done, but you have to think about how your actions affect more than just one group.

I have horror stories I would be happy to share with you about this issue. For example; we are now presently involved in a law suit with a Buyer who had a Buyer's relationship with us. She wrote an offer for the Buyer, but since our Agent had to work with the Seller directly and he didn't like the offer and the terms. he took it out on the Buyer's Agent. The Seller told the Buyer he wouldn't sell the home to her if she continued to use our agent. Our agent was doing what was best for our client, the Buyer! However, the Buyer wanted this house so badly that she bought it through another agent and we now have to sue her for our commission.

Please consider all of the parties involved before mandating any changes. So many lives and livelihoods are at risk and in your hands. Use your power carefully!

Respectfully submitted,

Cristina Primrose

Associate Broker

RE/MAX of the Poconos


Updated June 25, 2015