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Secretary (Office Automation), GS-0318-08,
Associated with ATR-11-21

Vacancy Questions Preview

Social Security Number
Please enter on each page submitted. You may provide only the last 4 digits of your SSN.

Vacancy Identification Number

1. Title of Job
Secretary (OA)

2. Biographic Data
Please complete fields A through J.

3. E-Mail Address
Provide your E-mail address if your answer is “Yes”.

4. Work Information
Leave Blank

5. Employment Availability
Leave blank; this position is only available as full-time.

6. Citizenship
Are you a citizen of the United States?

7. Background Information
Leave Blank

8. Other Information
Leave Blank

9. Languages
Leave Blank

10. Lowest Grade

11. Miscellaneous Information
Leave Blank

12. Special Knowledge
Leave Blank

13. Test Location
Leave Blank

14. Veteran Preference Claim
Please indicate your Veterans’ Preference Claim.

15. Dates of Active Duty - Military Service
Skip if you do not have any active duty.

16. Availability Date
Enter the earliest date you are prepared to begin work, if selected.

17. Service Computation Date
Leave Blank

18. Other Date Information
Leave Blank

19. Job Preference
Leave Blank

20. Occupational Specialities
Enter 0318 (for Secretary)

21. Geographic Availability
Enter 0675 (for Washington DC Metro Area, DC)

22. Transition Assistance plan
If you are requesting consideration please complete; otherwise leave blank.

23. Job related Experience
Enter relevant work experience in years and months.

24. Personal Background Information
Leave Blank

25. Occupational/Assessment Questions
Darken the oval corresponding to the statement in Section 25 of the OPM Form 1203-FX. Please select only one letter for each question. Your qualifications must be supported in your resume.

1. This position requires the ability to type 40 words per minute. Can you type 40 words per minute?

  1. Yes

  2. No

2. From the descriptions below, select the one which best describes your experience and meets the Minimum Qualification requirements for the Secretary, GS-318-08.

  1. I have at least one year specialized experience equivalent to the GS-7 level in the Federal service, using mission critical databases and statistical analyses; serving as office coordinator or manager; using complex databases; screening correspondence for supervisor's signature; procuring, authorizing, controlling, and justifying office supply purchases; managing time and attendance records; overseeing detail travel arrangements; maintaining exclusive control over supervisor's calendar; writing administrative standard operating procedures; conducting periodic secretarial and clerical training; and devising and implementing office procedures.

  2. I do not meet any of the requirements described above.

25. Occupation /Assessment Questions (Questions 3 – 15)
Please select the response below that best describes your knowledge, skills, and abilities, in performing the tasks listed in questions 3 – 15. Darken the oval (A – E) corresponding to the question. Please select only one letter for each item. The work must be supported in your resume.

  1. I am considered an expert in performing this task. I have supervised the performance of the work or am consulted by other workers to assist them in doing this task because of my expertise.

  2. I have performed this task as a regular part of a job. I independently perform the work and normally with little or no review by a supervisor or senior employee.

  3. I have performed this task on the job. My work was reviewed by a supervisor or senior employee to ensure compliance with proper procedures.

  4. I have education or training in performing the task, but have not performed on the job.

  5. I have no education, training or experience in performing this task.

3. Experience using and maintaining an automated Criminal Practice Management System or an equivalent and preparing reports of legal activities.

4. Experience using a variety software packages that include word processing and spreadsheets to produce different types of documents in a legal environment.

5. Experience using the advanced functions of several types of office automation software, such as: importation of graphics or special symbols, creation of special columnar formats or charts, merging, to perform such functions as the production of a variety of reports, tracking of suspense actions, production of charts, creation of a specialized data base, or preparation of presentation materials from a project management software program, etc.

6. Experience identifying and extracting data from reports which are available to the office and/or from other internal sources of information.

7. Experience planning, coordinating, and establishing work tracking systems to monitor action items and project deadlines.

8. Experience maintaining a supervisor's calendar, scheduling appointments, and briefing a supervisor on matters to be considered before the scheduled meeting.

9. Experience serving in a liaison role in which contact was made with organization personnel, as well as individuals in the public and private sectors to convey concepts logically and accurately, using tact and diplomacy.

10. Experience reviewing other staff’s work for appropriate grammar, spelling and format errors.

11. Experience establishing office procedures on correct document format for other staff to follow.

12. Experience reviewing outgoing correspondence for clarity, consistency, completeness, and compliance to organizational policy.

13. Experience making travel arrangements and preparing all related documentation, including authorizations and vouchers.

14. Experience preparing and managing time and attendance and auditing time sheets.

15. Experience searching, assembling, and summarizing information from legal files and documents in anticipation of the supervisor's needs.

Updated June 25, 2015

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