Speeches 1997

Joel I. Klein

Former Assistant Attorney General

November 5, 1997

The Race for Local Competition: A Long Distance Run, Not a Sprint

October 16, 1997

Anticipating the Millenium: International Antitrust Enforcement at the End of the Twentieth Century

June 13, 1997

The Internationalization of Antitrust: Bilateral and Multilateral Responses

May 2, 1997

Cross-Licensing and Antitrust Law

March 11, 1997

Preparing for Competition in a Deregulated Telecommunications Market

February 20, 1997

Criminal Enforcement in a Globalized Economy

February 19, 1997

DOJ Analysis Of Radio Mergers

A. Douglas Melamed

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

October 10, 1997

International Antitrust in an Age of International Deregulation

Daniel L. Rubinfeld

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

November 17, 1997

Antitrust Enforcement at DOJ: An Economist's Perspective

Gary R. Spratling

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

March 7, 1997

The Trend Towards Higher Corporate Fines: It's a Whole New Ball Game

February 21, 1997

Criminal Antitrust Enforcement Against International Cartels

Phillip Weiser

Former Senior Counsel

December 15, 1997

The Section 271 Process: Reflections on the Quest for Local Competition

Stuart M. Chemtob

Special Counsel for International Trade

April 4, 1997

The Frustration and Promise of Japanese Deregulation

Roger Fones

Former Chief, Transportation, Energy and Agriculture Section

June 12, 1997

Predation In the Airline Industry

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