Speeches 1999

Joel I. Klein

Former Assistant Attorney General

October 14, 1999

The War Against International Cartels: Lessons from the Battlefront

September 30, 1999

International Anti-Cartel Enforcement Conference

John M. Nannes

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

July 20, 1999

The Importance of Entry Conditions in Analyzing Airline Antitrust Issues

April 13, 1999

Strategic Alliances & Converging Industries: The Government's Perspective on Corporate Combinations

A. Douglas Melamed

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

December 7, 1999

Antitrust at the Turn of the Century

April 10, 1999

Network Industries and Antitrust

Gary R. Spratling

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General

December 9, 1999

International Cartels: The Intersection Between FCPA Violations and Antitrust Violations

October 15, 1999

Transparency in Enforcement Maximizes Cooperation from Antitrust Offenders

March 4, 1999

Negotiating the Waters of International Cartel Prosecutions -- Antitrust Division Policies Relating to Plea Agreements in International Cases

February 16, 1999

Making Companies an Offer They Shouldn't Refuse: The Antitrust Division's Corporate Leniency Policy -- An Update

Constance K. Robinson

Former Director of Merger Enforcement

November 23, 1999

Recent Developments at the Antitrust Division

August 23, 1999

Network Effects in Telecommunications Mergers - MCI WorldCom Merger: Protecting the Future of the Internet

June 10, 1999

Leap-Frog and Other Forms of Innovation

Robert Kramer

Former Chief, Litigation II Section

May 4, 1999

Antitrust Considerations in International Defense Mergers

April 14, 1999

"Mega-Mergers" in the Banking Industry

Marius Schwartz

Former Economics Director of Enforcement

December 30, 1999

Conditioning the Bells' Entry into Long Distance: Anticompetitive Regulation or Promoting Competition

October 20, 1999

Buyer Power Concerns and the Aetna-Prudential Merger

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