Speeches By Former Division Officials

Charles E. Biggio
Former Senior Counsel

Mark J. Botti
Former Chief, Litigation I Section

Rachel Brandenburger
Former Special Advisor, International

Roger Fones
Former Chief, Transportation, Energy and Agriculture Section

Adam M. Golodner
Former Chief of Staff

Gene I. Kimmelman
Former Chief Counsel for Competition Policy and Intergovernmental Relations

Gail Kursh
Former Deputy Chief, Legal Policy Section and Special Counsel for Federal-State Cooperation

Anthony V. Nanni
Former Chief, Litigation I Section

Constance K. Robinson
Former Director of Operations

Douglas Ross
Former Special Counsel for Agriculture

Marius Schwartz
Former Economics Director of Enforcement

Charles S. Stark
Former Chief, Foreign Commerce Section

Willard K. Tom
Former Counselor to the Assistant Attorney General

Philip Weiser
Former Senior Counsel

Hill B. Wellford
Former Chief of Staff

Updated September 17, 2015