W. Robert Majure, Economics Director of Enforcement

Division Update Spring 2012

Economics Director of Enforcement W. Robert “Bob” Majure is the linchpin of the Antitrust Division’s economic analysis program. He works closely with the Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) for Economic Analysis, and to date has served two DAAGs, Fiona Scott-Morton and Carl Shapiro. Besides supporting and advising the DAAG in many different ways—from closely monitoring and working on litigation matters to carrying out special projects—Majure helps manage approximately 50 Ph.D. economists as well as support staff in the Competition Policy, Economic Litigation, and Economic Regulatory Sections. Moreover, he assists the DAAG in supervising the economic work that buttresses all the enforcement and policy activities of the Division. Majure was appointed as the Economics Director of Enforcement in the fall of 2010.

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W. Robert Majure

The economics director also serves as a force of continuity and consistency, which helps establish long-term working relationships with domestic and foreign agencies. For example, Majure serves as a delegate to a long-running OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) project in competition policy.

As Economics Director of Enforcement, Majure hopes to continue to infuse the concepts from the updated Horizontal Merger Guidelines into the Division’s economic analysis and cases. He highlights the Division’s trial to stop H&R Block Inc. from acquiring TaxACT as a successful example. “In the H&R Block/TaxACT case, we were able to make a case about emerging competition, including a dynamic form of competition and the discussion of coordinated effects, and make it fit logically and coherently into the revised guidelines. They all fit together smoothly, and the judge saw that. I’m very glad that the Division was able to achieve the kind of integration of the elements in the updated guidelines into a successfully litigated case,” shared Majure of his vision.

Previously, Majure served as chief of the Competition Policy Section from 2003 to 2010 and assistant chief of the Economic Regulatory Section from 1996 to 2003. Since he joined the Division as an economist in the Competition Policy Section in 1994, Majure has accumulated an extensive expertise and experience in the telecommunications, real estate, and radio advertising industries, among others. In 2006, Majure served as an expert witness supporting the Division’s settlement with Verizon Communications Inc., MCI Inc., AT&T Corp., and SBC Communications Inc.

Regarding his time at the Division, Majure notes, “I’ve always liked learning about new industries and trying to find out what makes people make the decision that they make. That’s why I went to grad school and that’s what I thought was very neat about economics. I love the fact that this job, including all the jobs I had at the Division, had that flavor.” As one of his career highlights, he recalls the time when he was deposed as the Division’s expert witness in a railroad merger investigation in 1996, only a couple of years after he joined the Division. Majure fondly reminisces, “I had so much fun, and the experience cemented my love of economics applied in the litigation context.”

On weekends, Majure, devoted father of three lacrosse-loving children, can be found by the sideline of a lacrosse field.

Majure earned his Ph.D. in Economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1994 and B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1990.

Updated July 9, 2015

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