Information Technology Support Services (ITSS-4)

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS-4)

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Program Administration

Information Technology Support Services (ITSS-4) is a competitive multiple award, Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract designed to provide specific IT services to DOJ components at the task order level. The ITSS-4 Program consists of nineteen (19) large, medium, and small business contractors that are eligible to compete for each task order award. The contracts provide favorable procurement and task administration conditions to DOJ bureaus and OBD’s for tasks that would otherwise be procured through a more lengthy open competition process or through external contracting vehicles.

ITSS-4 Features

A $1.1 billion program ceiling and period of performance through September 30, 2017 with a base period and six option years

Task Order types include fixed-price, labor-hour, and time-and-materials terms

Schedule of fixed unit price Labor Hour rates and ODC line items

Wide range of labor categories and distributions within each category for Basic, Senior, Principal, and SME levels

Use of performance incentives, as required

No limitation on dollar value of a task order

Comprehensive range of IT services

Available for use by any DOJ component

Task Orders awarded for a Base Period and one or more Option Periods

Ancillary support permitted when it is integral and necessary to the IT effort

Task orders can be issued normally within two months with streamlined ordering procedures based on FAR 16.505(b)

Complimentary scope-compatibility reviews

No protests on Tasks Orders under $10 million

ITSS-4 Contract and Labor Categories

Copy of ITSS-4 Contract (PDF), 3/25/011 - All sections of the ITSS-4 contract through March 2011 version

Labor Categories (PDF), 3/25/011 - Labor categories are available at Basic, Senior, Principal and SME levels for most categories.

List of Labor Categories

1. Program Manager
2. Task Manager
3. Business Process Reengineering Specialist
4. Program Management Specialist
5. Enterprise Architect
6. Configuration/Data Management Analyst
7. Information Systems Security Specialist
8. Computer Security Systems Specialist
9. Data Security Specialist
10. Information Systems Security Engineer
11. Cyber Security Specialist
12. Systems Security Architect
13. Systems Engineer
14. Systems Programmer
15. Systems Analyst
16. Software Engineer
17. Programmer Analyst
18. Programmer
19. Management Analyst
20. Integration & Test Engineer
21. Communications Specialist
22. Telecommunications Engineer
23. Network Engineer
24. Network Administrator
25. Quality Assurance Analyst
26. Software Tester
27. IV&V Test Engineer
28. Systems Administrator
29. Database Administrator
30. Web Designer
31. Web Software Developer
32. Web Content Administrator
33. Data Warehousing/Mining Specialist
34. Technical Support Specialist
35. Help Desk Manager
36. Help Desk Specialist
37. Training Specialist
38. Computer Operator
39. Administrative Specialist
40. Technical Writer
41. Graphics Specialist
42. Data Entry Specialist
43. Expert Consultants - Various Disciplines and Skills

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List of ITSS-4 Contract Holders

All contractor holders must be provided a fair opportunity to be considered for all task orders in accordance with FAR 16.505(b) unless an exception applies.

Prime Contractor Contract Number Program Manager
Accenture Federal Services, LLC DJJ11-C-2150 Karl Dedolph
Ace Info Solutions, Inc. DJJ11-C-2151 Larry Eledge
Booz Allen Hamilton DJJ11-C-2152 Steve Parent
CACI-ISS, Inc. DJJ11-C-2153 Vicentee Ferguson
Citizant, Inc. DJJ11-C-2154 Lou Parent 
Perot Systems Govt Services
(Dell Services Federal Government, Inc.)
DJJ11-C-2155 Bruce Anderson
General Dynamics Information Technology, Inc. DJJ11-C-2156 Susan Sparrow
HP Enterprise Services, LLC DJJ11-C-2157 Karen Astae
IBM US Federal DJJ11-C-2158 Michael Spatola
IntelliDyne, LLC DJJ11-C-2159 Richard Sears
ManTech Information Systems & Technology Corporation DJJ11-C-2160 Jack Boyle
NCI Information Systems, Inc. DJJ11-C-2161 Kyle Cormack
Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation DJJ11-C-2162 Thomas Lehane
Phacil, Inc. DJJ11-C-2163 Lori Fischler
QinetiQ North America, Inc. DJJ11-C-2165 Lara Fries
Science Applications International Corporation DJJ11-C-2166 Gigi Pereira 
Systems Research and Applications Corporation DJJ11-C-2167 Rob Purkat
Unisys Corporation DJJ11-C-2168 Christopher Anderson
Vangent, Inc. DJJ11-C-2169  

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ITSS-4 Contract Scope

Every conceivable IT service can be procured under the ITSS-4 program in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner:

Across the entire Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC);

For various types of information and management systems;

Using a variety of database management systems and software languages; and

Involving many computer hardware environments and operating systems.

Procurement of hardware and software, as related to a specific project, is allowed under the ITSS-4 program.

The contracts are available for use, on a non-mandatory basis, by all DOJ components to satisfy their IT requirements, as long as they are within the scope of the ITSS-4 support services.

There is no limitation on the dollar value of a task order issued under ITSS-4.

List of IT Services

1. Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Support
2. Service Development
3. Service Operations
4. Service Management
5. IT Planning
6. Program Management Support
7. Requirements Analysis
8. Joint Requirements Planning (JRP)
9. Joint Applications Development (JAD)
10. Rapid Applications Development (RAD)
11. Feasibility Study
12. Cost-Benefit Analysis
13. Business Process Re-engineering
14. Systems and Information Engineering
15. Systems and Database Design
16. Systems Procedures and Standards
17. Systems Development and Testing
18. Systems Installation and Acceptance
19. Systems Programming
20. Systems Integration
21. COTS Integration
22. Interoperability Verification and Testing
23. Systems Conversion
24. Systems Enhancements, Support and Maintenance
25. Systems Documentation
26. Systems Configuration Management
27. User Training
28. Database Administration
29. Web Development
30. Information and Cyber Security
31. Technical Refreshment
32. Technology Infusion
33. Workflow Processing
34. Contingency Planning - (Continuity of Operations)
35. End User Support
36. Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
37. Data Warehousing / Data Mining
38. Field Site Operational Support - (Short and Long-Term)
39. Records/Document Management and Information Distribution
40. Data Conversion
41. Data Entry
42. Other IT-Related Services

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ITSS-4 Pre-award Guidelines

Task Order Pre-award Procedures:

1. Program Office prepares SOW and GCE
2. All prime contractors provided fair opportunity to compete
3. JMD arranges pre-proposal conference
4. Contractors prepare technical (written or oral) and cost proposals
5. Program Office conducts technical evaluation
6. Best value determination
7. CO reviews/approves award recommendation
8. Task award

The document attached below contains pre-award guidelines pertaining to the ITSS-4 Program. The information contained in the document is subject to change and will be updated, as necessary.

Task Order Awards

All task orders issued are subject to the terms and conditions of the contract.

All contractors are provided a fair opportunity to be considered for each task order award.

Task orders can be issued normally within six to eight weeks with an approved SOW.

Task orders issued under these contracts are awarded consistent with FAR 16.505(b):

Primarily, ITSS task orders are awarded through competition.

A task order may be awarded without competition in the following four exceptions pursuant to FAR 16.505(b)(2):
Only one contractor can provide services;
Logical follow-on work; or
Satisfy contractor's minimum guarantee.

Customers may elect to use oral proposals in lieu of or in addition to requesting written proposals when making a task order award.

Task orders are awarded, when possible, based on initial technical and cost proposal submissions.

All costs associated with the preparation, presentation and/or discussions of the contractors' task order proposals are the responsibility of the ITSS contractors, at no additional cost to the customer agency.

Task Order types include fixed-price, labor-hour, and time-and-materials terms

ITSS-4 Pre-Award Guidelines (PDF), 4/16/2014 - Detailed description of the events leading up to and including task award under the ITSS-4 Program.

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ITSS-4 Program Administration

Tasks awarded under ITSS-4 may at times require modifications to reallocate funds, increase the task order value, or modify the period of performance. The document attached below contains post-award guidelines for task modifications and option exercises. The information contained in the document is subject to change and will be updated, as necessary.

ITSS-4 Post-Award Guidelines (PDF) - 4/16/2014

Contract Administration

Contracting Officer (CO): DOJ's ITSS-4 Contracting Officer has the overall responsibility for the administration of these contracts. Only he/she can amend, modify or deviate from contract terms, conditions, and requirements.

Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR): The ITSS-4 COTR acts as a liaison between customer organizations, contractors, and the Contracting Officer, and coordinates the technical aspects of the ITSS-4 contracts.

Government Task Managers (GTMs): Government Task Managers serve as a focal point on all task order activities. They prepare statements of work, provide technical guidance to contractors, and review contractors' performance (technical, timeliness, and cost control) on all task orders.

Administrative Fee. An administrative fee is applied incrementally to the total value of each task order, and is calculated as follows:

3.5%   up to $1M
2.0%   for greater than $1M and up to $10M
0.5%   for greater than $10M

The fee covers the Department's costs of administering the ITSS-4 program. It covers the cost of the Contracts Management Service's administrative services to customer agencies, including overall consultation and technical guidance in the development of SOWs, coordination of the source selection process, preparation of reimbursement agreements and other financial documents, and the issuance of task orders. The fee also covers the cost of coordinating contract and/or task order amendments, resolving contractual issues concerning contractor performance, maintaining a database containing information such as task order status, contractors' past performance ratings, payments of contractor invoices, and collection of reimbursements from customer accounts.

Financial Administration. The COTR is designated the responsibility for:

Establishing Reimbursement Agreements, Form DOJ-216, between DOJ's Contracts Management Service and customer organizations.

Preparing Order/Mod requests for review and action by the CO.

Reviewing monthly invoices submitted by contractors, and certifying them for payment after receiving certification from Government Task Managers that the expenditures reported by contractors in their monthly progress reports are accurate.

Contracts Management Service (CMS) pays contractor invoices out of its Working Capital Funds, and then requests monthly reimbursements for these costs from customer organizations.

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Updated February 4, 2022

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