Meet a DOJ Veteran

Meet DOJ Veteran ZacharyEmployee Name: Zachary

Current Title/position: Financial Management Specialist

How long have you been with DOJ? Since August 2003

Prior experience before joining DOJ after you left and military: Served in the Military as Material Control and Accounting Specialist.

Branch of Service: US Army

Years of service: 6 years 9 months

Education: Applied Science Degree in Electronics

How did you find your current job? Word of Mouth

How did your military service fit into your current career (assuming it did)? I was doing Accounts Payable in the military.

How did you get your job – what background/education/experience is helpful? I looked on USA JOBS and applied for it. Having a background in Finance and Accounting

How was your transition from military life to your civilian career? It was a smooth transition from Military to Civilian Career.

Do you continue to serve in the reserves, and if so, how has that worked in blending the military and civilian life? I no longer serve in the Reserves.

What made you decide to go into this field? I enjoy working with numbers.

Any advice for veterans who may want to choose your career field? Just be good with numbers.

What advice do you have for veterans who want to work for the Department of Justice? Have a good work ethic and have a positive attitude.

What are your best three transition tips for other veterans? Have your DD214 available, Be persistent and Network.

Updated March 2, 2018

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