This page lists current CPB case updates accessible to the public.

Note: Under the "Justice for All Act of 2004," crime victims have certain rights described here.


Consumer Product Safety Act, and related violations

No cases now.

Business Opportunity Fraud

US v. Silvio Carrano, Patrick Williams, Donald Williams, and Gregory Britt Fleming

Creative Concepts of America, Inc. (Red Bull Energy Drink) (US v. Andrew Levinson, Corina Guillott, Edward Perl, Alan Perl, and Adriana Mirabal)

US v. Michael Eisenberg (Atomic Vending, Inc., Energy Vend, Inc.)

Fidelity ATM (US v. Bruce Goldstein; and US v. Andrew Steinberg and Stephen Duffie)

US v. Stanley Gladstone

US v. Paul Hall (dba Vends R Us)

US v. Sirtaj & Dilraj Mathauda

Pantheon Holdings (formerly US v. Jay Mayne, et al.) (US v. Eric Bridges; Kathy Eidelstein; Sandy Gold; Jeffrey Kupa; Blake Ladenheim; Jay Mayne; Mark Pelle; Michael Press; Frank DePierre; Alan Glaubman; Martin Raff; Denise Righetti; James Vitale; and Lillian Glaubman, a/k/a Lillian Shorstein)

US v. Jeffrey Pearson and Stephen Schultz


US v. Steven Tamayo

Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, and related violations

US v. Judith and Thomas Crofut, dba Good Flow Honey and Juice Co.

US v. Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

US v. Guidant LLC formerly dba Guidant Corporation

Odometer Fraud and related violations

US v. Mikhail Gokhman, Yan Hershman; Edvard Khakhan

US v. Randy Lee and Jay Lee

U.S. v. Stanley Stevens, Robert “Bob” Ristick, Ricky Ristick, and Miller Stevens

Cases previously posted here which have been completed can be accessed by clicking on Closed Cases below:


Updated October 20, 2014

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