US v. Nationwide Premium Cigar Distributors Corp., et al.



US v. Nationwide Premium Cigar Distributors Corp., et al.


CLOSED 10/03

General Information:

In June of 2002, the United States of America filed a complaint against Nationwide Premium Cigar Distributors Corp. ("Nationwide Premium") and Alvin Blish in the Southern District of Florida ( Civil Case #: 02-CV-60811). In the complaint, the United States alleged that the company offered franchises to the public without making disclosures that are required by law. The Government has alleged that, when promoting and selling its business opportunities, Nationwide Premium engaged in sales practices that violate Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations relating to the sale of franchises.

In May of 2003, the Court entered a stipulated judgment and order for permanent injunction.

For more information in this matter, please visit the related case site: US v. Grover Stewart, A/K/A Lee Stewart. Future developments will be posted to this web site. As such, please do not attempt to contact the Consumer Protection Branch by telephone or e-mail.


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