CSTL Employment:

The Constitutional and Specialized Torts Litigation Section offers students, recent graduates, judicial law clerks, and seasoned litigators employment opportunities.

Attorneys may join CSTL directly from law school or after a judicial clerkship only through the Attorney General’s Honors Program. After at least two years of practice, a limited number of attorneys may periodically be hired through the experienced attorney hiring program. CSTL typically solicits applications to fill experienced attorney positions through the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management (OARM) Attorney Vacancies webpage. 

Law students may be hired for internships on a volunteer basis; work-study credit may apply. 

College students may apply for a limited number of volunteer internships.  

All employment offers are contingent upon the applicant successfully passing a background investigation.

  • For entry-level attorney positions, law students and judicial law clerks may apply through the Attorney General’s Honors Program.
  • Experienced attorneys may view OARM’s Attorney Vacancies webpage to research current vacancies.
  • For paid summer law intern positions, students may apply through the Summer Law Intern Program.
  • CSTL takes one or two law school or college students per summer as volunteer interns, and one or two students during the academic year. Interested students may visit the DOJ Student Programs webpage for more information.

The Constitutional and Specialized Torts Litigation Section is located in downtown Washington, DC, near the Metro Center and McPherson Square Metro stops. The office is physically located at 1425 New York Ave., N.W., on the 8th Floor, in Suite 8100 (on the New York Avenue side of the building). There is a locker room with showers and a Justice Federal Credit Union ATM inside the building. Gym memberships are available for purchase.  There are also many nice places to eat or shop nearby. Office attire is business casual. CSTL currently employs 21 lawyers and eight support staff. It is a close-knit group, affording opportunities for lasting friendships, strong professional ties, and mentoring opportunities.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) is an Equal Opportunity / Reasonable Accommodation Employer. Except where otherwise provided by law, there will be no discrimination because of color, race, regional, national origin, politics, marital status, disability, age, sex, sexual orientation or on the basis of personal favoritism. DOJ welcomes and encourages applications from persons with physical and mental disabilities and will reasonably accommodate the needs of those persons.  DOJ is firmly committed to satisfying its affirmative obligations under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, to ensure that persons with disabilities have every opportunity to be hired and advanced on the basis of merit.

Updated January 12, 2017

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