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National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction

          On August 2, 2010, Attorney General Eric H. Holder announced the release of the Department’s National Strategy for Child Exploitation Prevention and Interdiction. The strategy also provides the first-ever comprehensive threat assessment of the dangers facing children, which include child pornography, online enticement, extraterritorial sexual exploitation of children, commercial sexual exploitation, and sexual exploitation in Indian Country, and outlines a blueprint to strengthen the fight against these crimes.

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Global Symposium on Child Pornography Offenders

          From April 5-8, 2009, forty-five experts from around the world in the fields of psychology, social science, and analytical research, with expertise in child pornography crimes, offenders and/or victims gathered together at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill to share their research and individual findings, and to develop consensus on the risks to children and society posed by child pornography offenders.  The symposium originated from a project proposal from CEOS to the G8 Law Enforcement Projects Subgroup in 2007.  A report synopsizing what transpired at the symposium was submitted to the Law Enforcement Projects Subgroup, and the major findings of the symposium were adopted by G8 ministers of justice through a ministerial declaration.

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Response to Reluctant Rebellion

          Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section Assistant Deputy Chief Alexandra Gelber responds to Mark Hansen’s article “A Reluctant Rebellion,” which appeared in the June 2009 issue of the ABA Journal. Ms. Gelber notes that while Mr. Hansen’s article raises questions about the child pornography sentencing guidelines, his piece speaks to a much more fundamental question about the legitimacy of the crime at issue. Ms. Gelber’s article exposes the fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of the crime, the offenders, and the law, that permeate the ABA Journal article. Ms. Gelber shows how, when properly understood, the substance and structure of the criminal provisions and sentences for these pernicious crimes show an appropriate response to an exploding crime problem.

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United States Attorneys' (USA) Bulletin

          Each issue of the Bulletin focuses on a single subject or practice area, with articles written by experts in the field. CEOS has contributed to three editions of the USA Bulletin.

Sexual Exploitation Crimes Against Children (September 2011) pdf | html

Internet Pornography and Child Exploitation (November 2006) pdf | html

Child Protection, Exploitation, and Obscenity (March 2004) pdf | html

Information on How to Protect Children

Child Internet Safety

           Nearly all American children now have access to the Internet. Internet technology affords children access to vast amounts of valuable information and endless sources of entertainment. However, it also exposes children to certain dangers. This article discusses various strategies and protective steps a parent can implement to better protect their children online.

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Rights of Child Victims

          Protecting the rights and welfare of children remains one of the highest priorities for the United States Department of Justice. This article highlights the resources and tools available to protect children subjected to the legal system.

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Amy's Choice: A True Story in Her Own Words (Transcript)

What Can Be Revealed in Minutes About Your Child While Online

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