ICITAP Launches New Strategic Plan to Guide Agency in New Decade

December 30, 2019

On December 30, ICITAP published its 2018-2022 Strategic Plan, which focuses on ICITAP’s core mission of developing foreign law enforcement that respects human rights and human dignity; that possesses the basic capacity to support a fair and effective criminal justice system; and that is organized, trained, and equipped to combat transnational organized crime, terrorism, and corruption. As Assistant Attorney General Benczkowski references in his foreword, in the last 33 years, the impact of ICITAP’s mission has grown profoundly and has become an invaluable component of DOJ’s law enforcement strategy to combat complex crime, including transnational criminal organizations and terrorism around the globe. ICITAP’s strategic plan informs and guides the Section’s commitment to working as an effective vehicle—both within DOJ and throughout the interagency for the design, delivery, and coordination of law enforcement development missions around the world that advance U.S. national security and foreign policy objectives and protect the homeland. DOJ has long recognized that the peace and security of the United States is strengthened by the development of professional foreign law enforcement partners that practice the most modern law enforcement techniques and respect and uphold the rule of law. This principle is prominently reflected in DOJ’s strategic plan, which identifies international law enforcement capacity building as an essential strategy necessary to achieve DOJ’s top strategic goals of combating complex crime and terrorism. ICITAP approaches its partnerships within DOJ, the U.S. interagency, and the international community with energetic collaboration and a dedication to common goals. Within DOJ, ICITAP coordinates closely with DOJ law enforcement as well as with key prosecutorial sections to ensure that its design and delivery of law enforcement assistance directly supports their strategic objectives. To access ICITAP’s new strategic plan, go to: www.justice.gov/criminal-icitap/file/1230801/download

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Updated January 9, 2020