New Mexico State Contact For International Prisoner Transfer

New Mexico State Contact for International Prisoner Transfer

Gregg Marcantel
Corrections Department
P.O. Box 27116
Santa Fe, NM 87502-0116
PH: (505) 827-8884
Colleen McCarney
Acting Classification Bureau Chief
PH: (505) 827-8254
FX: (505) 827-8771

31-4-31. Transfer under treaty; governor.

When a treaty is in effect between the United States and a foreign country providing for the transfer of convicted criminal offenders who are citizens or nationals of foreign countries to the foreign countries of which they are citizens or nationals, the governor is authorized, subject to the terms of such treaty, to act on behalf of the state of New Mexico and to consent to the transfer of the convicted criminal offender.

History: 1978 Comp., § 31-4-31, enacted by Laws 1978, ch. 156, § 1.

Updated June 3, 2015