Pending Criminal Division Cases

The individuals charged in the cases below are alleged to have been part of a massive scheme that defrauded unsuspecting United States citizens, many over the age of 55, out of millions of dollars by deceiving them into believing that each had won a large monetary prize in a "sweepstakes contest."; Calls to victims were made from Costa Rica using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which utilized computers to make telephone calls over the Internet, disguising the originating location of the calls. Victims were informed that the callers were purportedly from the Sweepstakes Security Commission and that to receive their "prize," they were to wire to Costa Rica, thousands of dollars for a purported "refundable insurance fee."

If you have suffered losses as a result of this scheme, you have the right to submit a Victim Impact Statement (we have included a Victim Impact Statement Form for your use ) or letter in aid of sentencing to explain how the crimes affected you. Victim Impact includes physical, emotional and/or financial loss. Because there are many victims and multiple defendants in the Costa Rican Sweepstakes cases, we are asking that you complete this statement now as it relates to any or all of the defendants below and mail it to: Karen Beam, United States Probation Office, Attn: Costa Rican Fraud Cases, 200 W Broad Street, Room 300, Statesville, NC 28677. This will help to expedite the process if additional defendants decide to plead guilty before trial or are found guilty by trial. This statement is important to us because it reflects what you and members of your family are having to personally and financially endure because of the crime.

United States v. Susan Elizabeth Cummins, et al. - Court Docket Number: 3:07-CR-273

United States v. Charles Robert Cummins, et al., - Court Docket Number: 3:06-CR-400-W

Charles Robert Cummins
Roberto Alberto Fields Curtis
Joshua Jorane Grimes
Joseph Hale
Michael Robert Kearns, a/k/a David Smith, a/k/a David Williams, a/k/a "The Colonel"
Celin Marcell Chacon Krone
Jacob Ronald Chacon Krone
Marco Antonio Fonseca Krone
Juan Luis Llamas
Jesse David Reid
Eric Brandon Shaw
Diane Beverly Siguenza

United States v. Donald A. Duncan and Ian T. Barker - Court Docket Number: 3:06-CR-00373-W

United States v. Samuel J. Hofhenke - Court Docket Number: 3:07-MJ-36

United States v. Jimmy Joe Ross Latimer - Court Docket Number: 3:07-CR-229

United States v. Jaime Ligator et. al.,– Court Docket Number: 3:07-CR-119-W

Jaime Ligator
Sheldon Brenowitz
Allen Fialkoff
Chad Michael Schneider
Alfredo Susi

United States v. Jesse Lopez - Court Docket Number: 3:07-CR-00167

United States v. Patrick Ohlweiler – Court Docket Number: 3:07-CR-00119-5

United States v. Giuseppe Pileggi, et al., - Court Docket Number: 3:06-CR-00151-W

Giuseppe Pileggi
Brian Wall Coyle
Larry Edward Cunningham
Michael Forchemer
David Michael Hennessey
Martin Kalchstein
Herman Kankrini
Robert Kustra
Victor Ronald Kustra
Andreas Roman Leimer
Michael Attilio Mangarella
Trent Bradford Nyffeler
Jesse David Reid
Ray Anthony Bingham Wanchope

United States v. Sonny Siguenza - Court Docket Number: 3:07-MJ-11

United States v.Carlo Testore - Court Docket Number:

United States v. Michal Zakrzewski, a/k/a “White Mike” - Court Docket Number: 3:07-MJ-93

United States v. Stefan Zavadsky - Court Docket Number: 3:06-MJ-00149-CH




Updated April 24, 2017