Pending Criminal Division Cases

Information about the following criminal cases, including the date of the next court hearing, can be found by clicking the links below:

United States v. Douglas Miller, Edward Miller, and Christopher Salis - Court Docket Number: Crim. No. 2:17-cr-00010-PPS-JEM and 2:16-cr-00148-PPS-JEM

United States v. Edward Bases and John Pacilio - Court Docket Number: Crim. No. 1:18-cr-00048-1

United States v. Jitesh Thakkar - Court Docket No.: 1:18-cr-00036-1 (N.D. Illinois)

United States v. Tanganica Corbett and Kevin Weaver II - Court Docket No.: 6:18-cr-00035-RBD-GJK-1 (M.D. Florida)

United States v. Edward J. DiMaria - Court Docket No.: 1:17-cr-20898-KMM-1 (S.D. Florida)

United States v. Dennis Balius - Court Docket No.: 3:17-cr-00273-HZ (D. Oregon)

United States v. Joseph A. Kostelecky - Court Docket No.: 1:17-cr-00015-DLH (D. North Dakota)

United States v. Hyunjin Lerner - Court Docket No.: 1:17-cr-20235-KMM (S.D. Florida)

Takata Airbag Inflator Matter - Court Docket No.: 16-cr-20810-GCS-EAS (E.D. Michigan)

Volkswagen Diesel Engine Vehicle Matters - Court Docket No. 2:16-cr-20394-SFC-APP

United States v. Michael Baker and Michael Gluk - Court Docket Number: 1:13-CR-00346-SS

United States v. Rafael Joaquin Beltre Beltre et. al. - Court Docket Number: Crim. No. 11-589 (GAG) (Operation Island Express)

United States v. Anthony B. Brandel et al. - Court Docket Number: 2:13-cr-00439-LDG-VCF

Costa Rican Sweepstakes Cases:

United States v. Jeffrey Robert Bonner et al. - Court Docket Number: 3:13-CR-21

United States v. Dino Nastasi et al. - Court Docket Number: 3:15-cr-00213-FDW-DCK

United States v. Andreas Roman Leimer (Pileggi et al.) - Court Docket Number: 3:06-CR-00151-W

United States v. Lee Bentley Farkas - Court Docket Number: 1:10-cr-200

United States v. Harold Bailey Gallison II - Court Docket Number: 1:15-cr-00178-AJT

United States v. Leon Benzer et. al. Court Docket Number: 2:13-cr-00018-JCM-GWF

United States v. Gilbert Lundstrom - Court Docket Number: 4:14-cr-03136-JMG-CRZ

United States v. Paul Robson et al. Court Docket Number: 1:14-cr-00272-JSR

United States v. Robert Allen Stanford et al. - Court Docket No.: 4:09-cr-342 (S.D. of Texas)

United States v. Mitchell J. Stein - Court Docket Number: 2:11-CR-00985

United States v. Jonathan Randall Curshen et al. - Court Docket Number: 1:11-cr-20131-RWG

Updated September 6, 2018