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Mexico: Six ICITAP-Trained and Mentored Federal Laboratories in Four States Earn International Accreditation

On January 3, ICITAP received notice that six Mexican federal laboratory disciplines have earned their accreditations including Ballistics, Genetics and Questioned Documents in Jalisco, Ballistics in Nuevo Leon, Ballistics in Oaxaca, and Genetics in Sonora. Four labs had been accredited prior for a total of 10 FGR labs with current accreditations. When the forensic program began in Mexico, ICITAP worked with state and federal forensic laboratories. In the last year, ICITAP and FGR have worked to expand the original labs accredited centrally to include regional labs, as well, for a total of 29 sites, centrally and regionally, principally with five critical disciplines. Ten more laboratories are expected to achieve accreditation in 2024 through training and mentoring from ICITAP experts. Accreditation is important as is sets an international standard of quality for forensic evidence, and underwrites the competency of the forensic scientists, giving them credibility in the courtroom, and creates an environment of pride in the forensic work completed in the administration of justice. ICITAP congratulates Mexico for its achievement and applauds their efforts, time, and commitment toward this goal. In Mexico, ICITAP works with the support of and in coordination with the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

Updated March 4, 2024