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Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities:

The Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section maintains a steadfast commitment to addressing the most significant national and transnational drug trafficking and associated transnational organized crime threats affecting the United States.  The approach to achieving this mission has evolved over time, adapting to the prevailing national concerns.  Today, NDDS’s primary objective is to identify, investigate, and prosecute major international narcotics trafficking organizations.  These organizations meet certain criteria, including their impact on drug supply within the United States, contribution to violence, corruption, and illicit financial activities in drug-producing or transshipment countries, or involvement in funding terrorism that poses a threat to U.S. interests worldwide.

To accomplish this goal, NDDS attorneys collaborate closely with federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies headquartered in the Nation’s capital.  They leverage available intelligence, law enforcement tools, and resources to pursue these organizations vigorously.  NDDS attorneys initiate groundbreaking cases that leverage innovative investigative methods and legal frameworks.  They also oversee cross-district and international investigations and prosecutions involving these organizations.  Furthermore, NDDS plays a crucial role in educating federal prosecutors both domestically and abroad about the tools, techniques, and extraterritorial legal provisions at their disposal to counter the menace posed by these global organizations.

Occasionally, the Narcotic and Dangerous Drug Section has vacancies for attorneys, administrative support personnel, as well as internship opportunities for law students, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  NDDS maintains a steadfast commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility. See below for current positions.

Attorney Position

Attorney positions are advertised at the website of the Office of Attorney Recruitment.


Administrative Support Personnel

For positions as Administrative Support Personnel, consult the USAJobs website.


Paralegal Specialist

For positions as a Paralegal Specialist, consult the USAJobs website.


Intern Positions and Pathways

For law student, graduate student, and undergraduate student positions, consult the website.


For students and recent graduates interested in federal office personnel management internships and careers, consult the website.


Updated November 2, 2023