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Arranging Speakers

Inviting CCIPS Attorneys to Speak to You

Training and public outreach are at the core of the mission of the Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section (CCIPS). Accordingly, in appropriate circumstances, CCIPS attorneys are available to provide training to federal, state, and law enforcement agents, prosecutors, other government officials, and in some cases to foreign requesters. CCIPS attorneys are also available to speak in the US or abroad to groups of private attorneys, system operators, information security professionals, and other organizations concerned about computer crime or intellectual property theft. Some representative topics include:

  • Responding to the Threat of Cybercrime;
  • Protecting Privacy and Public Safety Online;
  • International Issues in and Efforts to Fight Computer Crime;
  • Prosecuting Intellectual Property Theft (copyright infringement, trademark counterfeiting and theft of trade secrets);
  • Protecting Trade Secrets Under the Economic Espionage Act;
  • Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Criminal Investigations and Searching and Seizing Computers;
  • The Rights and Responsibilities of System Administrators Under The Electronic Communication Privacy Act;
  • Cyber-Ethics; and
  • E-Government: Legal Issues in Government Use of Electronic Transactions and Processes

To request a speaker from CCIPS, please complete our Speaker Request Form and press “SUBMIT” at the bottom of the form. If we are unable to accommodate your request for a speaker from CCIPS, we may be able to identify a federal prosecutor or law enforcement agent from your geographical area who can assist.

Updated August 24, 2023