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Albania: ICITAP Supports U.S. Mission to Observe Free and Fair Elections

On April 25, ICITAP-Albania led two of 25 Embassy teams as officially accredited observers at multiple polling stations across the country during nationwide parliamentary elections. Ballots were cast under pandemic conditions and according to new procedures, thanks to U.S.-backed electoral reform.  According to Albania’s Chief Election Commissioner, voter turnout was at 48.2%, and the voting process went well and according to provisions of the Electoral Code, noting that the process was calm, safe, and with integrity, excepting a few episodes. The U.S. Ambassador to Albania tweeted that Albanian voters turned out in full force to express their will, noting that election and law enforcement authorities had the duty to ensure integrity of the vote.  The U.S. Ambassador joined the Commissioner to observe the start of the vote counting process, urging everyone to patiently await the results, pledging that the U.S. would be “with you to the end.”  The EU Ambassador to Albania observed the voting process throughout the day at different polling stations and cities, stating it had been a good day for democracy and that high turnout showed that Albanian citizens realized it was an important day for them. EU member states watched closely to make sure Albania demonstrates readiness for opening accession negotiations by running credible elections and Albanians looked to the international community, especially the U.S. Embassy, to help ensure their elections were free and fair.

Updated August 11, 2023