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Bangladesh: ICITAP Strengthens Bangladesh Police Capacity Building Through Continued Police Instructor Development

On May 26, ICITAP U.S. Advisors and previously developed, Host Nation Instructors (HNI) completed a 10-day Instructor Development Course (IDC) for 16 officers from ten different Bangladesh Police (BP) units. ICITAP Advisors and HNI cadre successfully provided instruction, practical exercises, and student instructor evaluations for all participants, with all successfully completing this challenging course. All graduates now look to return to their respective units to support future training events, along with several who have been identified by ICITAP for additional training to further promote our Host Nation Instructor program. Additional highlights within this training event included the U.S. Ambassador and the BP Anti-Terrorism Unit (ATU) Chief addressing the students, further demonstrating our continued partnership with the Bangladeshi Police units, while also handing out graduation certificates. This event was very well received and positively promoted on both U.S. Embassy and social media accounts.

Updated August 11, 2023