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Dominican Republic: ICITAP Helps Develop Strategies to Protect Victims of Gender-Based Violence

On August 11, the ICITAP-hosted work sessions with the Deputy Director-General of the Dominican National Police and the Director of the Police Directorate for Attention to Women and Domestic Violence (DEAMVI) to present the initial proposal and collectively define institutional scope, develop objectives, and work components of the Institutional Commission for Family and Women (CIFAMU). The ICITAP-DR mission focuses efforts on providing technical assistance to improve services to vulnerable populations. In collaboration with the Dominican National Police, the program assisted in developing strategies to address and reduce Domestic and Gender-Based violence. Upon completion, a finalized proposal will be presented to the DNP Director-General to officially recognize the commission. This approach strengthens and promotes gender-responsive policing efforts focused on building trust with local communities, improving collaboration with other service providers, and supporting the delivery of survivor-centered strategies.

Updated August 11, 2023